Aluminium enclosures can be custom moulded too. Fibox has designed its pressure die casting mould system so that customer-specified options may be implemented into the mould. The following lists some of the possibilities for unique custom-designed features in aluminium enclosure bases and covers:

• Flanges and other openings
• Fastening pods
• Frames
• Cooling ribs
• Logotypes and texts


Depending on the extent of the customisation, either exchangeable inserts are used, or where extensive changes are made to outer surfaces and shapes, an entirely new mould piece will be required.

Aluminium enclosure I

Fig. 1

Aluminium enclosure with cooling ribs on one side. Using a new exchangeable slide of the pressure die-cast mould, cooling ribs are added to a standard enclosure. The basic mould is part of the Fibox standard product line, with only one of the side mould slides having been custom-made. The push button opening has also been made in the casting process using an exchangeable insert in the tool.

Aluminium enclosure II

Fig. 2

After casting the main tooling parts are opened (1). In the second stage the side slides of the mould are opened (2) and the aluminium enclosure part is removed from the tool.

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