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Reliable PUR gaskets (polyurethane)

PUR differs from other gasket materials as it is shaped by special foam injection in the enclosure’s gasket groove (usually in the cover). In this way, the gasket sticks permanently and securely to the enclosure. This ensures a reliable IP rating. PUR gaskets have an extremely low permanent compression set (the amount of residual displacement after the compressing load has been removed). In addition, the mechanical properties remain stable in -50 to + 130 oC temperature range. The material can easily withstand various weather conditions.

PUR gaskets are resistant to fats, oils, and acids, but they do not withstand strong alkalis.

Polyurethane (PUR): the ideal material

For most enclosure applications, all of the abovementioned gasket materials are suitable. Choosing one particular gasket material results from the presence of certain chemicals in the application environment, from exceptionally high temperature resistance, or IP rating requirements. Fibox uses PUR gaskets as standard in most enclosures as polyurethane has nearly perfect properties and is therefore the best solution for a general purpose gasket. Due to the high accuracy of Fibox foaming machines, PUR gasket enclosures enjoy an excellent IP rating. Since injection foamed gaskets are tightly bound to the groove, lP ratings remain high even in heavy use.

PUR gaskets can only be used when the gasket groove is round and wide enough. Some FIBOX enclosures can not be equipped with PUR gaskets because of their small size, or sharp-edged groove shape. In those cases EPDM is used.

PUR-tiivistepinnan profiili

PUR gasket groove cross-section: The groove profile of FIBOX enclosures is designed to be especially suited for polyurethane injection foaming automats. This design in conjunction with a precision manufacturing process ensures IP ratings up to IP 67.

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