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Fibox moulds its plastic enclosures in a customer selected custom (RAL) colour through colour pigmentation of the raw-material plastic granules. While possible with most any plastic, truly vibrant colours are best achieved using ABS raw material. However, the enclosure’s application environment must dictate the choice of material and takes precedence over other factors, such as ease of colouring.

Custom colour moulding is possible for batches of 500 pieces and becomes truly cost effective for single moulding runs of 1000 units or more.

The higher cost of custom coloured enclosures results from added costs in two areas:

Firstly, Fibox technicians have to prepare the moulds for the special run. This includes cleaning the mould (of our standard colour material) to prepare it for the new colour. Then, after the special run has been completed, the mould must be cleaned once again in order to make it suitable for standard production. In any enclosure, there are moulds for the cover, for the base, and for the cover screws. There may be other accessory parts as well. If all these parts are to be custom coloured, there is a mould preparation and cleaning charge for each mould. Amortising these fixed costs is the reason why cost effective colour moulding is so dependent on unit volume.

Secondly, there is a material surcharge for the custom colour plastic raw material. This cost is also volume dependent. A custom colour raw material always has a minimum purchase requirement. If this minimum exceeds the amount required for the production run, unused excess material will increase costs. In some instances, our standard material can be custom coloured by the addition of colorants at our factory. If this is possible, then smaller batches become more economical.

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